Terms & Conditions

1. The 2020 Tai Tokerau Far North Maori Golf Association Tournament (TTTFNMGA) shall be under the management and control of the Tournament        Committee, whose decision on all matters relating to the event will be final.

2. Dates – Saturday 25th January – Sunday 26th January 2020

3. Venue – Kaitaia Golf Club  >>>> click for map

4. Times depend on number of entries. Two tee off times – 7am & 1pm.

5. Entries will be limited to 180 players (extra entries may be entered but only under the discretion of the committee)

6. The Tournament will be a two day 36-HOLE STROKE PLAY GOLF TOURNAMENT. 

7. Three Men Divisions on Index Handicap  

    Div 1 = 0 – 10.8 = 11 handicap (Seniors) 
    Div 2 = 10.9  ­ 19.3 = 20 handicap (Intermediate)
    Div 3 = 19.4 ­ 34.4 = 36 handicap (Junior)

    Junior Boys - Under 18years at 1 January 2020               

8. Two Women Divisions on Index Handicap

    Div 1 = 0 – 18.1 = 18 handicap (Silver) 
    Div 2 = 18.2 – 39.7 = 40 handicap (Bronze)

    Junior Girls - Under 18 years at 1 January 2020

9. Competitors must have an official handicap (endorsed by NZ Golf Association).

10. The ‘slope handicap system’ will be utilized to calculate player handicaps for the Championship rounds. Under the slope system, the difficulty              of the golf course and the tee blocks played from determine a player’s handicap prior to the start of each round. Your daily handicap will                    be displayed on your scorecard.   

11.  Entry fee is $85.00 for all senior golfers and $45 for Junior golfers under 18 years of age as at 1 January 2020.

12.  In the event that weather conditions prevent all players from finishing their round, that competition round will be cancelled and                                 the championship reduced accordingly. No refunds will be provided for cancelled     championship rounds.

13.  Refund applications must be received in writing before 1 January 2020 they will be subject to an administration charge.

14.  All prizes will be distributed in accordance with the rules of amateur golf status.

15.  The Tournament Committee may arrange media promotion and publicity before, during and after the Championship. Competitors assent                   to pictures of them appearing and being used for event promotion.

16.  The Tournament Committee may at its discretion amend or add any conditions of the Championship.

17.  To qualify for the calcutta all senior Division competitors using carts (driver or passenger) agree to possess a current medical certificate. In                   the event of an accident the driver is responsible for the costs of repairs to the cart and any property damaged as well as being liable for                     any personal injury claims.

18.  By registering online and accepting the tournament’s terms & conditions, competitors agree to participate in 2020 Tai Tokerau Far North Maori             Golf Association Tournament at their own risk.

19.  The Tournament Committee, Kaitaia Golf Club, The Club Room, and other sponsors & suppliers of goods and services accept no liability for any           death, injury, property loss or damage incurred during or arising out of any aspect of the conduct of the Tournament.

20.  The Organisers thank the Kaitaia Golf Club for the use of their facilities. Please show the necessary respect.